thinking beyond websites

what we do...

ThreeSolve equips small businesses and organizations with websites, integrated online tools and team solutions to meet challenges and improve productivity.


Our Marketing Services include things related to your online "presence" and communication with your audiences. First and foremost, this includes websites. We do websites.

In addition, we offer services related to design, content creation, copy writing and promotion.

You might also need a little help in the areas of branding and SEO, but hesitate to hire on a specialized bureau. We can do some of this as well.



Our Management Services have to do with Collaboration, Productivity, Workflow and Organizational Development.

This may include setting up an intranet or collaboration platform for your communities; or it may include managing particular sorts of information (Knowledge Management) or resources (such as video or other media).

Specific tools may include Wikis, Forums, or Project Management platforms.


Information Systems

We support you through our IT services. Specifically, we support you in the ongoing use of any Marketing or Managment solutions we provide for you.

This would include hosting and maintaining a website, troubleshooting and training -- anything to help you get the most out of the technologies you choose to use.

As we work with you, we can help you identify areas for future attention and development.