Content Strategy

Content Management is a series of tasks performed by people using the Content Management System (CMS).

Before management can be thought about effectively, we like to step back and engage in the discipline of Content Strategy for a client. Creating a Structural Blueprint is a key goal of this process (though not the only one).

If you already have a site, we conduct a survey of your website and content. We evaluate the types of content in use, and how those types are differentiated (or not); we ask who the content is for; we evaluate how your content is organized and used (or not organized and not used); and we propose a set of content types that reflect your organization and business goals, along with a structure that helps your intended audience and visitors to better find and understand what they are looking for (rather than a structure that reflects your internal perception of your organization and content).

Different types of content should be treated differently. Each Content Type will have a unique set of fields and internal layout at the record level, for consistency between records. By embedding content structure into the website both the presentation of your content, and the workflow required to create and manage it will be improved.

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